We understand the importance of preserving the value of your property, while ensuring a harmonious and serene atmosphere in your home.
We offer "prudent management" by trusted companies.

Benefit from proactive and transparent management so that you can enjoy your property with complete peace of mind.
We encourage open and regular communication to meet your needs as effectively as possible.

Complete management
: We provide complete management of co-owned properties, ensuring that they are preserved, maintained and enhanced.
Building visits with a schedule allowing you to participate in the life of your co-ownership.

Organisation of meetings
: face-to-face and video-conference meetings with the management board.

General meetings
: We convene and run general meetings, at which important decisions are taken concerning the management of the co-ownership.
General meetings are held face-to-face and digitally.

Maintenance and upkeep
: We look after the upkeep of communal areas, organise the necessary work and supervise contracts with service providers.
Our qualities: being contactable and responsive.

Relations with co-owners : You have a single point of contact for all issues relating to the management of your co-ownership.
Documents are available on the extranet.

Dispute management
: In the event of disputes, we intervene to find solutions and take legal action if necessary.

Legal advice
: We provide legal advice to co-owners on the legal aspects of co-ownership.

In short, the profession of professional co-ownership trustee is essential to ensure the smooth running of co-ownership properties, by guaranteeing transparent, efficient management that complies with current legislation.

For more information, don't hesitate to contact us.

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